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Harry Mosely

Changing Careers

I was in a career crisis unable to figure out what job to do next. I had worked on mining rigs all my life, working away from home for long periods. This lifestyle did have disadvantages and my marriage suffered. I was keen to find local work, and work that would still challenge me. I was fearful that a new employer would not want me after I had worked for the one company and the same industry for so long. I approached Ivana and we worked together formulating a plan based on my foundation knowledge and transferable skills. She was able to craft a resume that explained why I was seeking a new career, and highlighted my experience as it would pertain to the current job market. The result was that my new resume made me look highly employable. I am now working as a trainer /assessor in my field. I highly recommend FIGJAM Resumes and in particular, the personalised and speedy service.

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Nikki Deluca

Returning to workforce after a long break

I was in a real dilemma. I was thinking of how I would explain the massive break in my work history. What employer would want someone who was now out of circulation and had lost workplace currency? I called Ivana and after an in-depth discussion that involved many open and important questions, I felt more confident that I could re-enter the workforce. This confidence was supported with a strong resume that made sense of my work gap. As we were talking, and unbeknown to me, Ivana was gathering a “sense” of who I was along with my work ethic. She put together an “about me” statement that seriously sold me to any potential employer! Not only did the resume give me a much needed confidence boost, it landed me an all-important interview.

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Chanda Hamel

Seeking a promotion

I’d been in my current role for several years and try as I might, was unable to gain a better, higher position within my organisation. The feedback I received from supervisors was that my resume was not “up to scratch” and did not meet the job criteria. I called FIGJAM resumes and with Ivana’s help re-furbished my old resume. This meant we worked on word matching and aligning my cover letter and resume with the right “corporate jargon” that blended with the job advert. She was also able to help me to successfully respond to complex selection criterion. I could not have done this by myself. My new application enabled me to be shortlisted for the promotion I was seeking. This resume writing service went beyond and above my expectations.

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Mandy Pead

Lasting Impact

"Ivana is able to sense and perceive what is necessary to craft a highly professional resume, one that matches your career path and the job your'e applying for. She has an innate ability to "get it right" and get your resume short- listed for interview. Her clients are transformed by her ability to build their confidence through guided questioning and formulating the very best job application. She gets you results!