Let’s be honest, finding work in Regional areas, can be a whole lot trickier that getting noticed in the Metro areas. Why? Because many regional jobs require you to wear several hats. Contrary to the popular myth, that jobs are easier to perform in the country; they are not, in fact they are a whole lot harder to find and sometimes even more difficult to sustain. You are often expected to be multi-tasked and flexible; to accept extra responsibility, take on varied roles and to expect the unexpected. Therefore, your application needs to be quite specific, yet manage to attract the employer who is seeking a wide range of talent and skill; a resume that does Pidgeon hole and yet is 100% authentic!

My extensive recruitment experience along with my diverse industry background can help! I’ve interviewed hundreds of employers, within government and the private sector. I have clarity about what they seek in an employee. I understand their suspicious and cautious nature around hiring someone who may not be local and/or who may have previously worked in the same role, or the same company for many years. I understand how a resume may leave questions for the reader, I understand how to forge a resume that explains in a professional way, any gaps in your employment or perceived “job-hops”.

The services I offer are simple and proven to be successful. They are tailored and personally crafted so that you to gain “that” all important interview. I don’t believe in cookie-cutter style resumes, instead your resume should read as personal, authentic, real and honest. It should not sound too confident or “cocky” nor should it hide your real talent - It needs to reflect your personality, your individualism and your passions. It needs to be truthful, and “sell” and promote you as the next best thing! It’s not something that can be “purchased” from a shelf… it is a real individualised summary of your work life that reveals to the reader who you really are, stimulating them to see how you match and fit with their requirements.

Importantly, I do not ask for payment until you are 100% happy with the service and product!

There are 2 mainline services on offer…

1) The Pure Basics resume

2) Career Changer or the Full Scale Attack application

Need something in between? Call me to talk about your individual needs.

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